4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Space This Spring

The flowers are finally blossoming around College Park, MD and the cold weather is a thing of the past. People are spring cleaning their rentals everywhere to knock the dust of a long winter behind them. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean and revamp your apartment. 

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1. Declutter Your Apartment 

Decluttering your apartment makes cleaning easier moving forward. Go through your closets, cabinets, bookshelves, and other storage areas. Donate or throw away everything you don’t want or need. 

2. Remember These Forgotten Tasks

Some tasks are often forgotten and can quickly get out of hand. For example, remember to wipe down baseboards, window sills, and light fixtures during your spring cleaning. You’ll also want to clean out your microwave, fridge, and stove.

Any areas often touched by household members should be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. Focus on light switches, remotes, doorknobs, and electronics. 

3. Focus on One Room at a Time 

Even in a one-bedroom apartment, spring cleaning can quickly feel overwhelming. Reduce stress by focusing on one room at a time. There’s no rush on how quickly spring cleaning must be done, either. 

4. Create a To-do List Before You Start 

Nothing is worse than believing you’ve finished your College Park spring cleaning only to discover tasks you’ve forgotten. Create a detailed room-by-room to-do list before beginning your endeavor. Cross items off your list as you go to reduce the risk of forgetting any crucial cleaning tasks.

Sometimes, refreshing your current apartment isn’t enough. If you’re looking at new rentals around College Park, MD, consider Westchester Towers. Whether you need one or two bedrooms, there are excellent options available. 

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