The Best Places to Eat Around Baltimore

Living in College Park’s Westchester Towers is a fantastic choice for many reasons. One of the best is College Park’s proximity to multiple major cities. Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Annapolis are all within a 40-minute drive. Baltimore, in particular, makes a great day trip destination for foodies.

Here’s a look at some of the best places to grab a bite in two of Baltimore’s most popular neighborhoods, Hampden and Fells Point.

Hampden Restaurants to Try 

Nationally known as the setting for many of John Waters’ quirky movies, the neighborhood of Hampden is an excellent area for getting to know the real Baltimore. You’ll find most of its restaurants sharing 36th Street with an array of antique shops and art galleries. 

Golden West Cafe is probably Hampden’s most iconic eatery, featuring an unconventional layout and an impressive commitment to its Southwestern theme. This one’s a good choice for breakfast tacos, French toast, and other early-morning comfort foods. 

On the opposite side of 36th Street, Cafe Hon goes all-in on the Baltimore diner theme. It’s also completely unmissable, thanks to the giant pink flamingo over its entrance. Inside you’ll find a menu that focuses on Maryland cuisines, such as crab cakes and steamed shrimp.

Rocket to Venus, a gastropub at the corner of 36th and Chestnut Ave, primarily serves a workmanlike mix of burgers and sandwiches. It has a few curveballs on its menu, though, including the waffle sandwich and shrimp and cheese grits. In addition, rocket to Venus’ horseshoe bar remains open until midnight, making this an excellent place for a nightcap after catching a show downtown.

Great Food in Fells Point

The waterfront Fells Point area is about a mile east of the Inner Harbor. Like the Inner Harbor, it’s home to several of Baltimore’s finest seafood restaurants. However, unlike Inner Harbor, it’s not the city’s primary magnet for tourists, which can be a big plus if you prefer to avoid crowds.

For a truly upscale dining experience, the Greek restaurant The Black Olive is a must. In addition to its Greek mainstays such as lamb and souvlaki, The Black Olive does Baltimore’s seafood proud with extraordinary preparation of soft shell crab, lobster, and scallops.

Eager to find Baltimore’s best breakfast spot? Look no further than the Blue Moon Cafe on Aliceanna Street. This cozy sit-down diner only has enough space in its dining room for a few groups at a time. There’s usually a wait, but it’s always worthwhile for Blue Moon’s phenomenally tasty takes on omelettes, benedicts, and other breakfast staples. When you’re living at Westchester Towers, you’ve got easy access to these exceptional Baltimore restaurants and more. If you’re looking for rent opportunities near Baltimore, get in touch with Westchester Towers today.

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