From Flying Machines to Tin Machine- Things to do in College Park

You’re new to the area and looking for apartments for rent in College Park, MD. The worst person to ask about things to do in a city is someone who lives there. That’s why many College Park residents don’t know much about the local aviation museum or where they can find a CD from David Bowie’s side project in the 90s!

After reading this, you’ll know more about your new city than your neighbors.

College Park Keeps the Summer Interesting   

When most Marylanders hear of College Park, they think of the University of Maryland (UM), the city’s namesake. Luckily enough, there’s much more to do than wander around campus!

We’re going to tell you about a few places that are fun and interesting, starting with College Park’s connection to the Wright Brothers.

College Park Aviation Museum   

The museum opened in 1998 and is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. Its one-half stories of exhibit space covers 27,000 square feet. You’ll find unique aviation artifacts and reproduction aircraft associated with the College Park Airport. In addition, there are hands-on activities and interpretive areas for children and adults.

The airport has a rich history. Operations began in 1909, the same year Wilbur Wright arrived in College Park to provide instruction for military aviators. The airport operates today, its runway located just outside the windows of the museum. 


The CDepot is where you’ll find the Tin Machine CD to complete your Bowie collection. So lull away the hours looking through vinyl records or CDs for your favorite music. The CDepot has over 100,000 items, including video games and DVDs. 

Lake Artemesia Natural Area 

Lake Artemesia is the main feature of this area. The 38-acre lake was developed during the construction of the Washington Metro Rail line in 1976. There are no natural lakes in Maryland; they are all man-made. That’s because the glaciers, which formed lakes throughout North America, never covered what is now Maryland.

Lake Artemesia offers fishing, with accessible entry to aquatic gardens, bird watching, and two miles of hiking/biking trails. The trails connect to the Aviation Museum and Calvert Road Park, where you’ll find a permanent, 18-hole professional disc golf course, which is a great spot to take a break when looking for apartments to rent in College Park, MD. 

University of Maryland Observatory  

The University of Maryland Observatory is a  great place for stargazers to visit. You might see the Death Star, but not Darth Vader’s Death Star. Here, you’ll see the remnants of distant stars that have exploded. The observatory also offers lectures about the heavens. 

Greenbelt National Park  

Westchester Tower, surrounded by this 1,100-acre national park is close to College Park, UM, and DC activities, and currently has units for rent. So enjoy all summer has to offer from your home at Westchester Tower.

Image by Yginger Lee

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