Top Fall Dating Ideas to Use While Social Distancing

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, it’s a challenge to look for love and forge new relationships. Social distancing rules the day, keeping everyone several feet apart despite their mutual bid for intimacy. If this is your reality right now, you might be trying to find a balance between staying safe and letting the sparks fly. Thankfully, not all outings are off the table, giving you a way to date your heart out without compromising on distance. Ready to get out of your College Park apartments and have some fun? Here’s how to go about it.

Paint Portraits on the Patio
It’s always a delight to see yourself through another person’s eyes, especially if they are particularly smitten by you. You can make that happen by inviting your date out for a painting party on the patio. Set up easels across from each other and make puppy dog eyes all night long as you try to get their features just right on your canvas. Then, swap paintings and see how you did while deciding if there’s more in the cards for your union.

Go on a Stargazing Adventure
Perhaps nothing is more romantic than lying under the stars and gazing up at all the stars in the sky. As you look at the celestial bodies twinkle, you can share your hopes and dreams with each other — and the universe above. Before you know it, you’ll be whispering sweet nothings together as you see your futures intertwined forevermore.

Enjoy Game Night Outdoors
If you want to get to know someone fast, challenge them to a rousing board game or two. Although you don’t have to go full Monopoly, you can use the competitive spirit to see how well you mesh and work through conflict. As you go for the big win on the board and in each other’s hearts, you’ll easily see if there’s a future between you.

Meet Up for Ice Cream Cones
Ice cream is always on the menu, especially when it comes to date night. Meeting up for ice cream cones at your favorite spot can prove to be a sweet endeavor that brings you both closer than ever before. To keep distancing at the forefront of your minds, take your cones to go and go on a walking tour of the city while chatting up.

As your relationship comes alive while six feet apart, you can minimize your risk of getting COVID-19 without sacrificing your chance to meet your soulmate. Then, once you return home to Westchester Tower in College Park, Maryland after your fall dating extravaganza, you can focus on getting your humble abode for the big debut with an apartment transformation. Once this social distancing business is all over, you can unveil your upscale apartments to leave a lasting great impression. They are also an ideal location for your meetups later on since you can visit all the luxury amenities together, including the swimming pool.

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